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The Three Stages of the Spiritual Life
Archimandrite Zacharias (Zacharou)

Patristic Nectar Publications is honored to present this nine lecture series by Father Zacharias Zacharou entitled: The Three Stages of the Spiritual Life.

In these lectures, saturated by the teaching of Holy Scripture, the Church Fathers, and especially the lives and teachings of St. Silouan the Athonite and Elder Sophrony of Essex, Father Zacharias describes the process of salvation as it is prefigured in the history of ancient Israel. Beginning with the deliverance from Egyptian tyranny when Israel was drunk with divine consolation, continuing through the extended wilderness wanderings, and culminating in the entrance into the Promised Land- Father Zacharias unfolds the mystery of life in Christ - what he calls an ever-increasing and dynamic relationship with God. These lectures were codified into a book entitled Remember Thy First Love: The Three Stages of the Spiritual Life in the Theology of Elder Sophrony which is available from Amazon or from Father Zacharias' American distributor: Mount Thabor Publishing.

Lecture #1 The Three Stages of the Spiritual Life
Lecture #2 Singing a New Song to the Lord - The Example of the Israelite Nathaniel
Lecture #3 Entering into a Covenant with God
Lecture #4 The Merciful Chastening of the Lord
Lecture #5 Blessed Despair and Creative Suffering
Lecture #6 The Saving Truth of Self-Knowledge
Lecture #7 Temptation and Godly Zeal
Lecture #8 This Day Have I Begotten Thee- The Knowledge of the Mystery of the Ways of Salvation
Lecture #9 Gratitude

All 9 Lectures: $20.00
Lecture 1 - The Three Stages of the Spiritual Life: $0.00

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