Apocalypse Soon
Father Josiah Trenham

The Revelation of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian completes the New Testament Canon. It is both an end and a beginning, as it unveils to the Church both the cataclysmic conclusion of this falling age, and the ushering in of the New Heavens and New Earth where righteousness dwells forever. The Revelation, or the Apocalypse, as it is traditionally known, is a unique genre of literature among the 27 books of the New Testament known as "apocalyptic." In 22 sacred chapters St. John reveals the zeal of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ to maintain the purity of His Church, and to lead Her victoriously into His eternal Kingdom. Under numerous symbols and images, as well as dramatic and confrontational historical depictions, the nature of the war in heaven and on earth is revealed between the Church of Jesus Christ and Her enemies: the dragon, the beast, the false prophet, the harlot and those in alliance with evil. The message of the Lord to His much-suffering Church of the 1st century and today is this: Be faithful to the end, for the Lord is coming quickly to reward those who hold fast to His Name.

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All 10 Lectures: $20.00
The Vision of Christ: Ch. 1: $0.00
The Letters to the Seven Churches: Chs. 2-3: $3.00
The Throne of God and His Book : Chs. 4-5: $3.00
The Seven Seals: Chs 6-7: $3.00
The Seven Trumpets: Chs. 8-11: $3.00
The Seven Symbolic Histories: Chs. 12-14: $3.00
The Seven Bowls of Wrath: Chs. 15-16: $3.00
Babylon the Great Harlot: Chs. 17-18: $3.00
Satan's Doom: Chs. 19-20: $3.00
The Final Reality: The New Heavens and Earth: Chs. 21-22: $3.00
The Bible and the Church
Father Josiah Trenham

A discourse on the important subjects surrounding the nature of Holy Scripture and its relationship to the Church of Christ. Subjects addressed include the miracle of inspiration, the nature of Scripture as the words of the Word - the very speech of the Holy Trinity; the inspired process and criteria of the canonization of Scripture; the Bible as a locus of spiritual experience, a Theophany and spiritual medicine against the passions; how the Scriptures are utilized in the liturgy and the Christian home; and how to avoid the false dichotomies between the Church and the Bible, Truth, and Jesus Christ.

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All 3 Lectures: $7.00
Lecture 1 - The Miracle of the Bible: $3.00
Lecture 2 - The Greater Miracle of the Church: $3.00
Lecture 3 - The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church: $3.00
The Beatitudes
Father Josiah Trenham

The Beatitudes, or the blessings, pronounced by our Lord Jesus Christ upon His faithful followers constitute the opening salvo in our Savior’s most famous teaching, The Sermon on the Mount. In this series each beatitude is unveiled revealing the universal character of an authentic Christian. Those who inculcate these sacred dispositions manifest the face of Jesus Christ to the world. By incarnating the qualities of Jesus Christ our Savior, that is, poverty of spirit, mourning, gentleness, hunger and thirst for righteousness, mercy, purity of heart, peacemaking, and the joyful acceptance of persecution - believers become the salt of the earth and the light of the world. 

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All 8 Lectures: $20.00
Lecture 1: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit: $0.00
Lecture 2: Blessed Are Those Who Mourn: $3.00
Lecture 3: Blessed are the Meek: $3.00
Lecture 4: Blessed are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness: $3.00
Lecture 5: Blessed are the Merciful: $3.00
Lecture 6: Blessed are the Pure in Heart: $3.00
Lecture 7: Blessed are the Peacemakers: $3.00
Lecture 8: Blessed are the Persecuted: $3.00
Love: The Most Excellent Way - An Exposition of 1 Corinthians 13
Father Josiah Trenham

St. Paul’s famous love chapter – 1 Corinthians 13 – has become duly famous as the most extensive description of love found in the divine oracles. Through the use of multiple verbs, St. Paul unpacks the contours of divine and human love, and fashions a picture of a way of life he calls the most excellent way. This superlative way is to be the way of life of each and every Christian person. These lectures are intended to inspire just this life of love for God and men. 

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All 7 Lectures: $10.00
Lecture 1: Love is Supreme: $0.00
Lecture 2: Love is Long-Suffering: $2.00
Lecture 3: Love is Kind: $2.00
Lecture 4: Love is Not Jealous: $2.00
Lecture 5: Love is Not Selfish: $2.00
Lecture 6: Love Rejoices in the Truth: $2.00
Lecture 7: Love is Forever: $2.00
Joy: An Exposition of Saint Paul's Letter to the Philippians
Father Josiah Trenham

Of all St. Paul's letters in the New Testament, Philippians is the most personal. The Great Apostle had a very dear relationship with this local church, and the theme of Christian joy radiates in each of the four chapters. This is deeply intriguing since St. Paul wrote this joyful letter of thanksgiving while he was in prison! Each of the chapters contains some of the most sublime teachings of the Gospel, including in chapter 2 the most detailed Apostolic teaching on the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ found in the entire New Testament. These lectures are presented with the sincere hope that a more thorough study of this Pauline letter will fill believers with the joy which St. Paul models and of which he speaks.

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All 4 Lectures: $10.00
Do This and You Shall Live: An Exposition of the Ten Commandments for the 21st Century
Father Josiah Trenham

A review of how the Law of God – The Ten Commandments – directs all people to Christ, manifests His beauty and holiness, and reveals God's will for His people in every place and time.  Twenty fundamental theological principles concerning God's Law are expounded, each of the Ten Commandments is explained in its original meaning and contemporary application, and special emphasis is given to the unique challenges faced by 21st century believers, who dwell in a post-Christian and secularized context.

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All 10 Commandments: $15.00
The 1st Commandment: $0.00
The 2nd Commandment: $2.00
The 3rd Commandment: $2.00
The 4th Commandment: $2.00
The 5th Commandment: $2.00
The 6th Commandment: $2.00
The 7th Commandment: $2.00
The 8th Commandment: $2.00
The 9th Commandment: $2.00
The 10th Commandment: $2.00
St. Maximos the Confessor On the Lord's Prayer
St. Maximos the Confessor

The Holy Father exposits the Lord’s Prayer phrase by phrase, asserting that within the text of the prayer we find the entire aim and purpose of the Incarnation: human deification. The Confessor affirms that hidden in the Lord's Prayer are seven divine mysteries granted to men: theology, adoption as sons by grace, equality with the angels, participation in eternal life, the restoration of human nature when it is reconciled dispassionately with itself, the abolition of the law of sin, and the destruction of the tyranny that holds us in its power through the deceit of the evil one. If we sit as faithful students at the feet of St. Maximos and learn from his wisdom, we will never pray the Lord's Prayer the same way again.

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All 4 Tracks: $5.00
Homily on the Ascension of the Lord and His Future Advent
St. Philaret of Moscow

The master preacher, St. Philaret of Moscow, unpacks the deep meaning of the Glorious Ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ, one of the mighty and saving acts of the Lord which is so neglected in contemporary theology and preaching.

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Homily on the Ascension of the Lord and His Future Advent: $3.00
On the Mother and Brethren of Christ: A Homily on the Great Feast of the Holy Nativity of the Theotokos
St. Philaret, Metropolitan of Moscow

In this sublime homily, the master-preacher, St. Philaret, unfolds the nature of the intimate relationship that the Mother of God had with her divine Son, and that relationship which she continues to have through her Son with the entire mystical Body of Christ.

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On the Mother and Brethren of Christ: $3.00

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