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A Christian Ending to Our Lives: Death, Funeral, Burial, and Memorials in the Orthodox Christian Tradition
Fr. Josiah

This remarkably interesting 7 lecture series entitled, A Christian Ending to Our Lives, examines far reaching subjects associated with the Christian process of death and burial. The lectures are devoted to the remembrance of death, the significance of aging, the meaning of the funeral service and burial, the tradition of Christian cemeteries and memorial customs, and the ancient and universal practice of praying for the repose of the departed. Besides examining these much-neglected topics Father Josiah provides two step-by-step guides: one guide elucidating the steps a family ought take from the time of a beloved one's repose until burial. A PDF of this guide entitled Steps to Be Taken Upon the Death of a Loved One is provided with the download of the series. Father also posits additional guidance elucidating the steps a family can take to express love for and to assist the soul of a departed loved one in the forty days immediately following his or her repose.

All 7 Lectures plus the PDF; was $15 now $12: $12.00
PDF: Steps to Be Taken Upon the Death of a Loved One: $1.00
Lecture 1: The Remembrance of Death: $2.00
Lecture 2: A Christian Approach to Aging: $2.00
Lecture 3: Dying Well - Spiritual Essentials and Practicals for the Family: $2.00
Lecture 4: The Funeral Service: $2.00
Lecture 5: Christian Burial, Graves and Cemeteries: $2.00
Lecture 6: Praying for the Departed: $2.00
Lecture 7: Loving the Departed Forever- Memorials, Soul Saturdays, and Almsgiving for the Dead: $2.00

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