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An Orthodox Catechism
Fr. Josiah

For those seeking to become Orthodox, Catechism is a process of full-orbed Christian formation in which the Orthodox Christian life is inculcated in the learner through participation in divine services, prayer, study, community assimilation, and practice. At the heart of the catechetical process are the catechetical lectures delivered to the catechumens by the priest or the catechist.  It is toward this goal of providing a usable introduction to Holy Orthodoxy that the sixteen lectures entitled An Orthodox Catechism have been developed by Father Josiah. This series has been utilized by Father Josiah in parish practice over the course of almost two decades to prepare more than 400 catechumens for reception into the Orthodox Church.  

Not having an official Orthodox Catechism in the English language, many parishes and pastors scramble to put together a basic catechism that will adequately expose the inquirer and catechumen to the contours of Orthodox faith and life.  It is hoped that this series will aid priests and parishes in preparing catechumens to be received into the Church, as well as edify Orthodox individuals seeking a better understanding of their faith.

These sixteen lectures are presented to catechumens in two parts. Part One: God, Man, Church is traditionally delivered over the eight weeks leading to the Feast of the Nativity of Christ. Part Two: The Holy Mysteries is delivered over the eight weeks leading up to Pasha, when catechumens are being prepared for reception into the Church on Great and Holy Saturday.

All Lectures - both Part 1 and Part 2: $35.00
Part 1 / Lecture 1: The True God: $0.00
Part 1 / Lecture 2: The Human Being: $3.00
Part 1 / Lecture 3: Sin: $3.00
Part 1 / Lecture 4: Jesus Christ, the Son of God: $3.00
Part 1 / Lecture 5: Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World: $3.00
Part 1 / Lecture 6: Repentence and Faith: $3.00
Part 1 / Lecture 7: The Holy Spirit: $3.00
Part 1 / Lecture 8: The Church and the Mother of God: $3.00
Part 2 / Lecture 1: The Mystery of Holy Baptism: $0.00
Part 2 / Lecture 2: The Mystery of Holy Chrismation: $3.00
Part 2 / Lecture 3: The Mystery of the Holy Eucharist: $3.00
Part 2 / Lecture 4: The Mystery of Holy Confession: $3.00
Part 2 / Lecture 5: The Mystery of the Holy Priesthood: $3.00
Part 2 / Lecture 6: The Mystery of Holy Matrimony: $3.00
Part 2 / Lecture 7: The Mystery of Holy Unction: $3.00
Part 2 / Lecture 8: The Mystery of Death & the Funeral: $3.00
Starting Down the Royal Path: How to Become an Orthodox Christian
Fr. Josiah

This lecture provides an detailed overview of the traditional path of Orthodox Christian catechesis. In this lecture, born out of the study of patristic catechesis and the experience of instructing more than 250 catechumens, Father Josiah lays out a traditional practical step-by-step process for teaching inquirers and catechumens the Orthodox faith in such a way as to give them a solid "foundation of repentance and faith" (Heb. 6:1) that will serve them and the church for life. Included with this lecture are two attachments: 1. A Chart of the Initiatory Process, and 2. Text of the Lecture Itself.

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Audio lecture and two PDFs: $5.00
Do This and You Shall Live: An Exposition of the Ten Commandments for the 21st Century
Fr. Josiah

A review of how the Law of God – The Ten Commandments – directs all people to Christ, manifests His beauty and holiness, and reveals God's will for His people in every place and time.  Twenty fundamental theological principles concerning God's Law are expounded, each of the Ten Commandments is explained in its original meaning and contemporary application, and special emphasis is given to the unique challenges faced by 21st century believers, who dwell in a post-Christian and secularized context.

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All 10 Commandments: $15.00
The 1st Commandment: $0.00
The 2nd Commandment: $2.00
The 3rd Commandment: $2.00
The 4th Commandment: $2.00
The 5th Commandment: $2.00
The 6th Commandment: $2.00
The 7th Commandment: $2.00
The 8th Commandment: $2.00
The 9th Commandment: $2.00
The 10th Commandment: $2.00
Healing Our Diseases: The Church as a Spiritual Hospital
Fr. Josiah

Topics include:  Jesus Christ as Healer; sin as a disease; the Church as a spiritual hospital; the Spiritual Father as a physician of the soul; and the diagnosis and recommended treatment plan for six common spiritual pathologies - self-love, anger, gluttony, despondency, avarice, and pride. In this series Holy Orthodoxy is revealed for what it is at its heart: a means for acquiring divine power and grace for the healing of our diseases of soul and body, and not a barren ideology.

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All 10 Lectures: $20.00
Lecture 1- Jesus Christ the Healer: $0.00
Lecture 2- Sin as a Disease: $3.00
Lecture 3- The Church as a Spiritual Hospital: $3.00
Lecture 4- The Spiritual Father as a Physician of the Soul: $3.00
Lecture 5- Overcoming the Disease of Self Love: $3.00
Lecture 6- Overcoming the Disease of Anger: $3.00
Lecture 7- Overcoming the Disease of Despondency: $3.00
Lecture 8- Overcoming the Disease of Gluttony: $3.00
Lecture 9- Overcoming the Disease of Avarice: $3.00
Lecture 10- Overcoming the Disease of Pride: $3.00