The Shepherd's Rule: An Exposition of St. Paul's Pastoral Epistles

Patristic Nectar Publications is pleased to present a new six-lecture series by Father Josiah Trenham entitled The Shepherd's Rule: An Exposition of St. Paul's Pastoral Epistles. These epistles, 1st and 2nd Timothy and Titus, were written by the Great Apostle Paul to his spiritual sons, the Apostle-Bishops Timothy of Ephesus and Titus of Crete. These letters contain guidance on how one ought to conduct himself in the household of God- the Church of the Living God, the pillar and support of the truth. Here, we also discover the calling and exercise of the priesthood explained in great detail as St. Paul shares his arch-pastoral wisdom on the proper way pastors ought to care for all the sacred constituencies of the Church- old men and young men, old women and young women, bishops, priests, deacons, widows, servants, the wealthy, the poor, and more.   

Free for one week and then $20.

All 6 Lectures are FREE for first week, then $20.: $20.00

Lecture 1 - Orthodoxy and Heresy

Lecture 2 - The Leadership and the Clergy

Lecture 3 - Pastoring the Flock

Lecture 4 - Exhort in Sound Doctrine

Lecture 5 - Guarding the Treasure

Lecture 6 - The Last Days


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