Breaking the Twin Shackles: Overcoming Anger and Despair in the Spiritual Struggle
Fr. Ted Pulcini
Tags: anger, depression, despair, passions

Utilizing both the text of Holy Scripture and a broad range of patristic sources addressing anger, depression and despair Father Ted sets forth a clear pathway for conquering this horrible vice.  Father Ted is a veteran pastor and professor who brings decades of experience and scholarship to bear upon the contemporary epidemic of anger and the pathologies that result from the dominance of this passion.

All 3 Lectures: $10.00

Lecture 1: Shackled by Anger-The Contemporary Oppression

Lecture 2: Shades of Despair-The Shackles Forged by Anger

Lecture 3: Breaking the Shackles-Therapeutic Approaches to Anger

Fr. Ted Pulcini

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