Patriotism: The Duty of a Christian to His Nation
Father Josiah Trenham

This five-lecture series by Father Josiah Trenham is designed to ignite the waning fires of patriotic love in the hearts of believers. In these lectures the student will glean the Scriptural teaching on the nature of allegiance to the state, as well as survey the historic exceptionalism and present degradation of the American nation. The series concludes with a lecture designed to answer the question: How Then Shall We Now Live in a Post-Christian Society? 

All 5 Lectures: $15.00

Lecture 1 - What is Patriotism?

Lecture 1: What is Patriotism?

Lecture 2: The Contours of Patriotism according to the Scriptures

Lecture 3: American Exceptionalism

Lecture 4: American Degradation

Lecture 5: The Call of the Hour to Patriots

Father Josiah Trenham

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