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True Love: God’s Purposes for Marriage
Fr. Josiah

Patristic Nectar Publications is proud to present a new lecture series entitled: True Love: God’s Purposes for Marriage. In an age unmoored and adrift from any solid and unchanging vision for marriage itself, these lectures prove timely and are designed to root deeply within our listeners a patristic vision for marriage. It is this expansive and glorious vision, articulated in the Scriptures and by the Church Fathers, that is to inspire the practical and every-day outworking of Christian marriage and family life. The God-ordained purposes of marriage are fixed, and for God-fearing Christians keep marriage from becoming a wax-nose manipulated and deformed by debased cultures and secular elites. The lectures are entitled:

Lecture #1 Marital Chastity- Taming our Unruly Nature
Lecture #2 Glorious Procreation- Fertility and the Mystery of Multiplying the Image of God
Lecture #3 Sacred Companionship- Unity in the Quest for the Kingdom of God
Lecture #4 Preserving the Honorable Estate of Marriage in a Secular Wasteland: Practical Guidance for Living a Purpose-Driven Marriage

All four lectures $15.

All 4 Lectures: $15.00

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