Christian Marriage and Secular Culture: What it Should be and What it has Become
Father Josiah Trenham

Today Christian marriage is under terrible assault. The marriage culture in America is in serious decline, and many believers have little idea of what constitutes a “Christian” marriage.  St. Paul calls Christian Marriage a "great mystery".  In this series, Fr. Josiah describes the nature of the Divine-Human marriage between God and His people, between Christ and the Church, as well as the contours of authentic marriage between believers in the Church. He also describes the sad decimation of marriage progressively taking place in our post-Christian and secular culture. These lectures are offered with hopes that they will inspire a vision for Christian living in marriage, elevate the aspirations of Christians in their conjugal lives, and serve as a protection against the inroads of degrading secularism in the home.

All 2 Lectures: $5.00

Lecture 1: The Contours of Christian Marriage - What Makes Marriage Christian

Lecture 2: The Secular Decimation of Marriage - Facing the Challenges to Marriage Today

Father Josiah Trenham

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