Teen Choir Manuals
Mrs. Regina Roum and Mrs. Elizabeth Beck

The Teen Choir Director’s Manual is a practical guide designed to provide the necessary instruction for parish choir directors to launch and maintain a youth choir, and also for augmenting youth choir resources at parishes where youth choirs have already been established.  The manual includes tips for choir rehearsals, working with youth at various skill levels and more – the essentials for developing a strong youth choir.  The Teen Choir Manual accompanies the director’s manual and includes music arrangements, a music glossary, and basic conducting skills and patterns.

From the Preface by Archpriest Josiah Trenham:

"I have been richly blessed to pastor for many years a parish that is replete with devoted worshippers of the Holy Trinity and talented choir directors and singers. Over the years our choir directors have labored in love to nurture the teens and pre-teens of the parish in church singing, with the deep conviction that not only is it essential for the spiritual development of young people to have the sacred hymns of the church coursing through their hearts, minds and lips, but that it is also a significant key to church growth and evangelization…”

Purchase includes unlimited reproduction rights at the purchasing parish for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a teen choir.

Proceeds benefit the Sacred Music Institute’s YMM (Youth Music Ministry).

Director and Student Manuals (Two Vol. Set): $100.00

Teen Choir Director's Manual

Teen Choir Manual

Teen Choir Manual - Student Companion Volume Table of Contents

Teen Choir Manual - Directors Instructional Volume Table of Contents

Mrs. Regina Roum and Mrs. Elizabeth Beck

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