"Thank you for making these teachings available. Glory to Jesus Christ."


"This is perfect timing for our parish and particularly for me as legally blind. I appreciate all the series I’ve been able to listen to. PNP is a wonderful ministry. Thank you."

- J.T.

"God reward your efforts in creating these edifying lectures!" 

- P.S.

"I was recently particularly moved by your reflection, The Great Awakening Orthodox Style.  I have been involved in higher education for almost 30 years and want to use my remaining time to maximum effect for the Kingdom."


"Although we've never met, I wanted to thank you for the content you've put on YouTube, as it was instrumental in bringing me to the church..."

- C.

"I am from the UK and ...have recently been introduced to your videos and content... am currently seeking out an Orthodox Church in my area to visit with a view to learning more about Orthodox Christianity."

- N.H.

"I love your content so much. It has truly strengthened my love of the beauty of Orthodoxy and helps strengthen my understanding, appreciation, and foundational knowledge - daily. "

- D.H.

"The Catechumens at our church listening to his lectures, then discussing them in a classroom setting. Father Josiah's words have truly impacted my life in a deep way.... "

- N.R.

"...The conference was wonderful, and I thank you for all your hard work.  I look forward to next year's conference!"
- L. L.

"Father Josiah Trenham's recent video talking about Saint Photini the Samaritan woman really encouraged my hunger to evangelize."


"We just want to express our gratitude for your work with the Philokalia. It is very helpful and beneficial for us..."
- D.

"The new lecture "Reflections on Transgenderism" is excellent and addresses a much-needed subject of our times.... I watch and subscribe to your channel on Youtube as well. God bless you, Father!!"
- R.K.

"You speak the truth in love and call us to be better. You stand up for what is right, what is Orthodox, what our church fathers would have done, and what is expected of us."

"Your video "The Fishers of Men." awoke something deep inside of me and I saw how beautiful the world could be through the window of that short video. The beautiful and loving families and beautiful Church were something I desperately needed as my own marriage was falling apart due to lack of Christ's presence. It was shortly after watching that video and attending your Liturgy(which sealed the deal for me in terms of your legitimacy) that I made the choice in my mind and said to Christ, "Please change me, do whatever you need to do." (I am brought to tears writing this right now. Glory to God for this softened heart.)"

- N.

"Your video reflections are a gift. Your words matter and inspire. It was a welcome lifeline during the year when we couldn't live our lives per usual."


"...I thoroughly enjoy and benefit from listening to your homilies which I can understand. They truly resonate with me. I simply wanted to express my gratitude for your weekly words as we all continue to keep up the good struggle toward salvation and navigate the challenges we face as Christians in today's very secular and "woke" society."

- K.C.

"... Additionally, I am listening to your homilies from The Arena (beginning with sermons and entries from over 10 years ago) and I purchased your sermons from St. Philaret (are there more volumes coming?). There is just so much quality material you provide to the Orthodox Community and it is such a blessing."
- G.


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