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Combo Special – On Vespers and Divine Liturgy – 14 Lectures
Fr. Josiah

Vespers: Our Evening Offering to God - Learn the great significance of corporate evening prayer in the Jewish and Christian traditions, survey the structure and meaning of the text of the Vespers service, gain an understanding of the sublime Lenten service known to Orthodox Christians as the Presanctified Liturgy, and learn how the entire drama of redemption in Jesus Christ is unveiled in the flow of every Vespers service. Since we believe what we pray, and pray what we believe the acquisition of an understanding of the Vespers service itself is greatly nourishing to a strong confession of traditional Christian faith. Includes four lectures.

Orthodox Worship and the Divine Liturgy - Explore the fundamental theological principles which underline Orthodox Christian worship and the mysteries of the Holy Liturgy with patristic commentary. Includes 10 lectures.

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All 14 Lectures:  $20.00
Combo Special – On Holy Fathers – 10 Lectures
Fr. Josiah

The Apostolic Fathers - This collection of the earliest post-New Testament Christian literature is replete with inspiring examples of Christian devotion and provides a valuable window into both the significant personalities and the spiritual and theological ethos of the Christian generations immediately following the Apostolic period. These texts are also of great apologetic value in the contemporary pluralistic milieu in which Orthodox Christians dwell in the West. Includes five lectures.

The Desert Fathers - The Desert Fathers hold a foundational place in the Church's understanding of the authentic Christian life. The Desert Fathers and Mothers are the world's "true evangelicals"...those whose lives were completely formed by the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. In the recesses of the Egyptian desert these saints possessed life, and that abundantly. From the Gospel explosion, which was St. Antony's life written by St. Athanasios the Great, through several hundred years of Saints populating the deserts of Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and even Persia, Gaul, Britain and Ireland the Desert Fathers have provided a touchstone by which all future generations are able to measure Christian virtue. The principles of spiritual life expressed in their lives and sayings continue to inspire devotion to the Holy Trinity today. Includes 5 lectures.

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All 10 Lectures:  $18.75
Combo Special – On Philokalia and the Prayer Rule – 15 Audios
Fr. Josiah

The Path of Entry to the Philokalia: Selected Readings - Many of you have expressed great interest in the Philokalia, but struggle with a method for entering into and digesting these great texts. The Philokalia is a collection of sacred Orthodox spiritual texts written between the fourth and the fifteenth centuries. The writers of these texts were concerned with inner asceticism, ceaseless prayer, and how one may attain a life of contemplative stillness and union with God. To assist those interested in immersing themselves in the Philokalia, Patristic Nectar Publications has created an audio series of nine readings that constitute the traditional path of entry into these texts as presented by Fr. Maximos (Constas). Having understood the basic principles and practices presented in these works, one may afterwards move more freely throughout the other works in the Philokalia. Includes nine readings.

The Prayer Rule - Explore the discipline of classical Orthodox Christian personal prayer. These edifying presentations examine the content and order of the prayer rule, giving special emphasis to the prayers of repentance, the rule of prostrations, the giving of thanks, the use of the Jesus Prayer, and spiritual reading. Includes six lectures.

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All 15 Audios:  $37.50
Combo Special – On Confession and the Church as Spiritual Hospital – 15 Lectures
Fr. Josiah

Soul Cleansing: The Mystery of Confession – Explore the Holy Sacrament of Confession from many angles: theological and practical. Learn about the meaning and institution of confession; preparation for confession; the importance of self-examination; the curative power of penance; and the Father confessor. Confession regenerates the human soul, and is the milieu in which "the rubber meets the road" in Christian transformation. The confessed life is a life that is filled with the love of God, and the joy of change for the better. The embrace of regular and heart-felt confession can open the door to God's Kingdom for us all. Includes five lectures.

Healing Our Diseases: The Church as a Spiritual Hospital – Explore the therapeutic nature of the Christian faith according to the teachings of the Holy Scriptures and the Church Fathers. Topics include: Jesus Christ the healer; sin as a disease, the Church as a spiritual hospital; and the spiritual Father as a physician of the soul. The series also discusses the diagnosis and recommended treatment plan for six common spiritual pathologies: self-love, anger, gluttony, despondency, avarice, and pride. Includes 10 Lectures.

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All 15 Lectures:  $22.50
Combo Special – On the Beatitudes and Ten Commandments – 18 Lectures
Fr. Josiah

The Beatitudes - These blessings pronounced by our Lord Jesus Christ upon His faithful followers constitute the opening salvo in our Savior’s most famous teaching: The Sermon on the Mount. Each beatitude is unveiled revealing the universal character of an authentic Christian. Those who inculcate these sacred dispositions manifest the face of Jesus Christ to the world. By incarnating the qualities of Jesus Christ our Savior, that is, poverty of spirit, mourning, gentleness, hunger and thirst for righteousness, mercy, purity of heart, peacemaking, and the joyful acceptance of persecution - believers become the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We hope you will be greatly challenged and inspired by these lessons on authentic Christian character, the kind of character that manifests the presence of the Kingdom of God on the earth. Includes eight lectures.

Do This and You Shall Live: An Exposition of the Ten Commandments for the 21st Century - This ten lecture series is designed to show how the Law of God directs all people to Christ, manifests His beauty and holiness, and reveals God's will for His people in every place and time. In these lectures twenty fundamental theological principles concerning God's Law are expounded, each of the Ten Commandments is explained in its original meaning and contemporary application, and special emphasis is given to the unique challenges faced by 21st century believers, who dwell in a post-Christian and secularized context. Includes ten lectures.

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All 18 Lectures:  $26.00
Combo Special – The Good Husband and Good Wife – 10 Lectures
Fr. Josiah

The Good Husband – Learn the Christian ideal for the core character of the Christian husband and his high calling from God in marriage. Topics include the good husband as leader, as domestic pastor, as the lover, the provider and faithful friend. Includes five lectures.

The Good Wife – Learn the Christian ideal for the core character of the Christian wife and her high calling from God in marriage. Topics include the good wife as help-mate, as the soul of the family, as the homemaker, nourisher, and steward, as the lover, domesticator, as healing drug and as faithful friend. Includes five lectures.

These two series are helpful for young men and women who are contemplating marriage, the engaged, pastors who need pre-marital counseling material, and husbands and wives who wish to enrich their marriage and establish it as more thoroughly Christian.

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All 14 Lectures:  $15.00