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Lecture Series Combo Offer: Old Testament Wisdom for Today

Christmas Combo 25% Discount
Old Testament Wisdom for Today
Four Lecture Series for $45 - A saving of $15 over the $60 retail value!

The Mystery of the Incarnation
In this lectures Father Calinic Berger will unfold the personal presence of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament, how Jewish monotheism was reconciled by the early Church with the worship of the Son of God, and the overwhelming mystery of the Virgin Birth.
Three Lectures

Sage Counsel: Wisdom for Christian Living from the Proverbs
In this series Father Josiah Trenham explores Proverbial themes on godly living including: Principles for Leadership and Politics, Family Dynamics, Women and the Ideal Wife, Work, Dilgence and Sloth, Wise and Foolish Speech, and Honesty and Integrity. Each of the virtues of the wise is found to be Incarnate in our Lord Jesus.
Seven Lectures

Job: Lessons on Faith, Wisdom and Suffering
The Much-Suffering Prophet Job is a supreme example of the "innocent sufferer" whose intercessions healed men and whose patient endurance of inexplicable suffering was resolved by the unfolding of God's marvelous providence. In this series Father Josiah Trenham shares how the believer learns of the limits of proverbial wisdom, and the necessity to embrace a spirit of submissive silence in the presence of and before the face of Almighty God.
Five Lectures

A Heart for God: Lessons from the Life of the Holy King and Prophet David
In this series, Father Josiah Trenham surveys the entire life of King David. King, David alone, amongst all the believers in the ancient covenant, is described by the Lord as having a “heart for God.” David’s sin, has been meditated upon by believers, as has David’s deep repentance - which has provided an image for countless penitents to imitate over the centuries in order to find peace with God.
Ten Lectures

All 25 Lectures: $45.00

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