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Professionally recorded and produced Synaxarion - the collection of the Lives of the Saints is offered completely free to all listeners, new and existing.

We have currently completed 1/2 of the Synaxarion, and our initial grant expires this month. Your generous donation will help us complete the 2nd 1/2 of the Synaxarion. Since it is an expensive project ($30,000 total), we are asking all those who enjoy the Synaxarion to donate anything to help cover the remaining production costs.

Be part of Orthodox Christian evangelization through the lives of the Saints that will be shared around the world to anyone who wants to learn, through the Patristic Nectar Publications platform.

We are a non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible. Thank you so much.

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The Synaxarion is a collection of the lives of the Saints for each day of the year. The lives of the Saints are the very life of Christ worked out in the lives of His faithful servants in every generation, the glory of the Church, the proof of the destruction of death by the Precious Cross and Holy Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the fruit of Holy Pentecost. PNP is pleased to offer its customers professional audio recordings absolutely free, recorded with permission from The Synaxarion by Hieromonk Markarios of Simonos Petra Monastery, translated into English by Christopher Hookway, published by the Holy Convent of the Anunnciation of Our Lady in Ormylia, Greece and distributed by St. Sebastian Press. For copies of all six volumes and appendix contact St. Sebastian Press.

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