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Monk Maximos (Constas) on Saint Maximos the Confessor and the Philokalia
An interview by Fr. Josiah

Monk Maximos (Constas), Athonite, patrologist, and former Harvard Professor, is interviewed about the life and teachings of his patron saint: St. Maximos the Confessor. St. Maximos the  Confessor lived and taught in the 7th century, and his contribution to the promotion of Holy Orthodoxy is virtually unmatched. Fr. Maximos, the premier Maximos scholar in the contemporary Orthodox world, has recently completed the first-ever complete English translation of St. Maximos’ Ambigua. The Ambigua, an effort by St. Maximos to interpret some 70 difficult passages in the writing of St. Gregory the Theologian, is perhaps the most difficult patristic text to translate and interpret. The Ambigua is published by Harvard University Press, and is available for less than $30 a volume.

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