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Sexual Reorientation and California's Political Tyrants

PNP is pleased to present the following interview entitled Sexual Reorientation and California's Political Tyrants given by Father Josiah Trenham on the Jen and Don Show, 590AM the Answer, in response to pending Ca legislation.

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Holy Orthodoxy and Abortion
Bishop Basil (Essey)

This sermon was delivered by His Grace, Basil, Bishop of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese in North America.  In it he speaks of the holocaust of abortion.

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Loving God Without Fear
Bishop Irenei

Loving God Without Fear is a free three part lecture series by Bishop Irenei (Steenberg) of Richmond and Western Europe of the Russian Orthodox Church in America. Bishop Irenei is author of “The Beginnings of a Life of Prayer” and a onetime fellow of Oxford University and Chair of Theology and Religious Studies at Leeds.

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C. S. Lewis: Advice on Faithful Christian Living in a Secular Age
Fr. Andrew Cuneo

Fr. Andrew unveils Lewis' edifying counsel on fidelity to Christ when one’s societal culture has abandoned God. November 22nd, 2013 was the 50th anniversary of the repose of C. S. Lewis. Father Andrew Cuneo, an Orthodox Christian scholar-pastor, completed the first and only Oxford doctorate on the subject of C. S. Lewis.

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Orthodox Unity: Overcoming the Curse of Jurisdictionalism
by Fr. Josiah Trenham
This lecture by Fr Josiah has been delivered in various venues throughout the country and an earlier version of the lecture was published in the St. Vladimir's Theological Quarterly (Vol. 50, No. 3, 2006). The lecture is a theological commentary on the un-canonical arrangement of the Orthodox Church. It is a honest and bold attempt to articulate the evils of jurisdictionalism, and a call to canonically normalize post-haste before further negative consequences afflict the life of the Church in America.

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A Conversation on the Philokalia with Special Guest, Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware)

In this 35 minute face-to-face video interview Fr. Josiah discusses the sacred Orthodox spiritual texts known as The Philokalia with one of the three translators of the Philokalia into English and the only one still living: His Eminence, Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware). Metropolitan Kallistos is a leading authority on the Philokalia, and will introduce the listener to its riches as well as revealing behind the scenes information about the English translation itself.

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Religion and the Public Square: Mutual Interviews with Father Josiah and Barry Lynn, Executive Director of Americans for the Separation of Church and State
Father Josiah Trenham and Barry Lynn
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Orthodox Theology in America Today
Bishop Irenei (Steenberg)

Enjoy this interview with Bishop Irenei (Steenberg) of Richmond and Western Europe of the Russian Orthodox Church in America.  Bishop Irenei is an internationally recognized scholar of patristics, former head of the Dept. of Theology at the University of Leeds (UK) and author of “The Beginnings of a Life in Prayer.”

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Taking Every Thought Captive to the Obedience of Christ: Reflections on Multiculturalism and Feminism in Antichrist Culture
Fr. Josiah Trenham

Reflections on multiculturalism and feminism in an antichrist culture, and the need to hold every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

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Islamic Sharia Law in America: An Orthodox Christian Perspective
Father Josiah Trenham

An Orthodox Christian perspective of Islamic Sharia law and the implications for America in the light of Islam’s stated interest in instituting their law in the West.

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