Sermons on the Spiritual Life
St. Philaret of Moscow

St. Philaret of Moscow is the Russian Chrysostom.  His mouth overflowed from a heart enlarged and illumined by the Holy Spirit, and his teaching has been a fountain of life to the Christian generations that have succeeded the great bishop.  Here, for the first time in an English-language translation, we have a thematic collection of his sermons dedicated to living the Christian life.  The Master Pedagogue covers numerous foundational spiritual realities including being born again, building a life upon the foundation of the fear of God, the centrality of gratitude, the cultivation of zeal, the purification of the heart, the nourishing of poverty of spirit, as well as more targeted subjects such as childbearing,  work, preparations for prayer, and how to consecrate Sunday to God.  These pages contain a feast of faith and soul guidance that, if followed, will bring forth abundant spiritual treasure.


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