The Life and Teaching of St. Basil the Great
Fr. Maximos (Constas)

In these lectures the highly esteemed Patrologist, Father Maximos, leads his students into a deep dive into the life and thought of this Holy Father first by unveiling the contours of St. Basil's life, and then by surveying the major aspects of his teaching and ministry. St. Basil of Caesaria, one of the Three Holy Hierarchs, is a foundational figure in the life of the Christian Church. His life and works have inspired and guided the faithful for almost 18 centuries.


Lecture 1: The Life of St. Basil the Great

Lecture 2: The Ascetic Writings

Lecture 3: The Trinitarian Controversy

Lecture 4: Scripture, Preaching, Liturgy

Lecture 5: Social and Philanthropic Works

Lecture 6: St. Basil as the Paradigm of the Priesthood: Summary and Conclusions

About the Author

FATHER MAXIMOS CONSTAS is the Interim Dean of Hellenic College and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology.  Fr. Maximos is an internationally recognized scholar with expertise in the theology of the Church Fathers, and has been serving as Senior Research Scholar at Holy Cross since 2011. He has published extensively and lectured widely.

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Fr. Maximos (Constas)

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