Contend for the Faith: An Exposition of Jude
Father Josiah Trenham

The Letter of Jude is perhaps the least known and studied book of the 27 books that constitute the New Testament. Written by the Holy Apostle Jude it is dedicated to calling the faithful of the Church to contend eagerly for the faith against the influence of false teachers. St. Jude issues a stentorian call for Christians to go deep, to maturely appropriate their own faith, and to fight for its integrity in their own lives and in the lives of their own parishes.  Jude aggressively unmasks the satanic character of the false teachers of his time who abused the grace of God and promoted licentiousness. His call to Orthodox faith and holiness holds great relevance for Christians in the 21st century.

All 3 lectures: $10.00

Lecture 1: The Entrance of False Teachers into the Church (vv. 3-4)

Lecture 2: The Ungodly Character and Coming Judgment of the False Teachers (vv. 5-16)

Lecture 3: Resistance against the False Teachers (vv. 17-23)

Father Josiah Trenham

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