Master or Slave: Technology in the Christian Life
Father Josiah Trenham
Tags: technology, watchfulness

These lectures examine in detail the pervasive influence of the digital revolution in all aspects of contemporary life. The meaning of both the form and content of the technologies in our unique information age is revealed, and a paradigm for utilizing technology in a humanizing and soul-profiting way is set forth.

All 10 Lectures: $25.00

Lecture 1: What is Technology?

Lecture 2: The Medium is the Message: How Books, Cars, and Screens Change

Lecture 3: The Information Age: Understanding the Digital Revolution

Lecture 4: Tech as Divine Gift

Lecture 5: Evil Tech: Pt 1 - The Nasty Tech Titans and Their Companies

Lecture 6: Evil Tech: Pt 2- The Nasty Consequences for Users

Lecture 7: Technology and the Heart of Man

Lecture 8: Technology, the Parish, and Pastoral Life

Lecture 9: Technology and Christian Living

Lecture 10: The Cell Phone: Making It Bow to Jesus

Father Josiah Trenham

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