Lord and Master of My Life: Reflections on the Prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian
Father Maximos (Constas)

This series is dedicated to one of the signature prayers of the sacred season of Great and Holy Lent, and is designed to unveil the comprehensive meaning and significance of this magnificent prayer for the spiritual life of the Christian. With extended teaching on the significance of prostrations, repentance and transformation, the nature of our fundamental vices or passions, and the acquisition of virtue, Father Maximos - with his usual economy of words and vast pedagogical repertoire - makes the listener feel as though he had never heard the prayer in his life.

Complete Series, all three lecture: $10.00

Lecture 1: Lord and Master of My Life

Lecture 2: Lord and Master of My Life

Lecture 3: Blessed are the Pure in Heart Reflections on the Spiritual Nature of Suffering

Father Maximos (Constas)

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