Sage Counsel: Wisdom for Christian Living from the Proverbs
Father Josiah Trenham

The important Proverbial themes on godly living and virtue as found in the book of Proverbs are expounded. Principles for leadership and politics; family dynamics; women and the Ideal wife; work, diligence and sloth; wise and foolish speech; and honesty and integrity. Each of the virtues of the wise is found to be Incarnate in our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is our wisdom, and taught us that wisdom is vindicated by her children.

All 7 Lectures: $20.00

Lecture 1 - Introduction to Proverbs

Lecture 2 - Politics and Leadership in the Proverbs

Lecture 3 - Family Dynamics

Lecture 4 - Amazing Women and the Ideal Wife

Lecture 5 - Diligence and Sloth

Lecture 6 - Wise and Foolish Speech

Lecture 7 - Honesty and Deceit

Father Josiah Trenham

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