For the Encouragement of the Monks in India who had Written to Him: One Hundred Texts together with An Ascetic Discourse written to the Same monks
St. John of Karpathos

This Philokalia text was written as an antidote to discouragement and despair that had afflicted a community of monks. This beautiful text so full of honest evaluation of the trials of concerted Christian living provides numerous words of consolation and encouragement to the struggler such as, "When you are being tested by trials and temptations, you cannot avoid feeling dejected. But those who till the earth of hardship and tribulation in their hearts are afterwards filled with great joy, tears of consolation and holy thoughts"...and again, "To anyone among you who is oppressed by a sense of his worthlessness and inability to attain holiness, this is our message: if he attains dispassion he can see Jesus, not only in the future, but coming to him here and now, with power and great glory."

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