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The Voice in My Head: Reflections on the Conscience
Fr. Josiah

Patristic Nectar Publications is pleased to present a new five-part lecture series entitled The Voice in My Head: Reflections on the Conscience. This series by Father Josiah explores the meaning and function of the conscience- a significant and much neglected subject in contemporary theology and preaching. The lecture titles are as follows:

Lecture #1 What is the Conscience?
Lecture #2 The Fall of the Conscience and Its Pathologies
Lecture #3 The Redemption of the Conscience and the Contours of its Health
Lecture #4 Respecting the Consciences of Others- Living in Peace with Disagreement
Lecture #5 The Conscience in the Divine Liturgy, at Death and at the Last Judgment

What is the Conscience?: $0.00
All 5 Lectures: $20.00

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