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The Mystery of the Incarnation
Father Calinic Berger, Ph.D.

Patristic Nectar Publications is pleased to present a three-part series by the esteemed scholar-priest and pastor, Father Calinic Berger, entitled, The Mystery of the Incarnation. In these three lectures Father Calinic will unfold the personal presence of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament, how Jewish monotheism was reconciled by the early Church with the worship of the Son of God, and the overwhelming mystery of the Virgin Birth.

Father Calinic is currently the Assistant Pastor at St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral in Los Angeles. His PhD in Theology is from the Catholic University of America, and his dissertation was entitlted: Towards a Theological Gnosiology: The Synthesis of Fr. Dumitru Stanilose.

Lecture #1 The Great Angel: Discerning the Personal Presence of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament
Lecture #2 The One God: How the Monotheism of Judaism was Reconciled with the Worship of the Son of God
Lecture #3 The Overwhelming Mystery of the Virgin Birth

All 3 Lectures: $10.00

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