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Ascetic Discourse by St. Neilos the Ascetic
St. Neilos the Ascetic

St. Neilos the Ascetic, disciple of St. John Chrysostom and one-time city-prefect of Constantinople turned monk and Abbot, provides in 50 pages - the longest of all texts by far in Vol. 1 of the English Philokalia - a substantial rationale and vision for investing one's energies in the cultivation of the soul and the acquisition of heaven, rather than the care of the body and the pursuit of earthly glory and fame. Chocked full of spiritual interpretations of Old Testament texts, St. Neilos utilizes his vast knowledge of Scripture and vast life experience to promote the development of Christian spiritual life. This text is duly famous for its profound reflections upon the gravity and significance of being a spiritual father.

Complete 50 page reading: $15.00

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