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Taming Lions: The Life and Prophecy of the Holy and Righteous Daniel
Fr. Josiah

Lectures on Chapters 1-6 focus on the marvelous character of the Prophet Daniel and the Three Holy Youths. Having established the integrity and virtue of Daniel, called several times in the text a "man of high esteem", lectures on Chapters 7-12 attempt to explain with patristic guidance the meaning of the stunning visions that Daniel has of the future of the Babylonian, Persian, Greek and Roman Empires, as well as the coming of the Kingdom of God in the person of the mysterious "Son of Man." The eleventh and final lecture is dedicated to Chapters 13-14 which relate the stories of Susanna, Bel and the Dragon that are unfortunately not found in those English Bibles based on the Jewish Masoretic text.

All 11 Lectures: $25.00
Lecture 1: Living for God in Exile: Daniel as a Model Believer: $3.00
Lecture 1: Living for God in Exile: Daniel as a Model Believer: $0.00
Lecture 2: God's Stone and Mountain: $3.00
Lecture 3: The Fiery Furnace: $3.00
Lecture 4: King Nebuchadnezzar's Dream and Repentance: $3.00
Lecture 5: The Writing on the Wall: The Fall of Babylon: $3.00
Lecture 6: The Lion's Den: $3.00
Lecture 7: The Vision of the Four Beasts: $3.00
Lecture 8: The Vision of the Ram and the Goat: $3.00
Lecture 9: Daniel's Prayer for Israel's Restoration: $3.00
Lecture 10: The Last Great Vision of the Future: $3.00
Lecture 11: Susanna, Bel and the Dragon: $3.00

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