Job: Lessons on Faith, Wisdom and Suffering
Father Josiah Trenham

In the Book of Job, the Christian believer sees an example of unconditional faith and patience in suffering; learns the limits of proverbial wisdom; and discovers the necessity of embracing a spirit of submissive silence in the presence of and before the face of Almighty God. Father Josiah surveys all 42 chapters of this beloved staple of the Old Testament Wisdom literature. Orthodox Christians read the Book of Job each year during Holy Week as they prepare to experience the Saving Passion of Jesus Christ the Lord. The Much-Suffering Prophet Job is a supreme example of the "innocent sufferer" whose intercessions healed men and whose patient endurance of inexplicable suffering was resolved by the unfolding of God's marvelous providence.

All 5 Lectures: $10.00

Lecture 1 - Job's Suffering and Patience

Lecture 2 - Job's Bitter Complaint

Lecture 3 - The Inadequate Explanations of Job's Friends

Lecture 4 - The Monologues of Elihu and Job

Lecture 5 - The Appearance of God and the Repentence of Job

Father Josiah Trenham

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