The Pedagogy of Grace
Father Maximos (Constas)

In this series Father Maximos (Constas) seeks to stimulate the listener’s desire for God and holiness by intimately examining the spiritual experience of two saints: Ss. Symeon the New Theologian and Silouan the Athonite.

All 3 Lectures: $10.00

Though separated by more than a millennium in time, these two saints share a very common experience of grace. Fr. Maximos searchingly penetrates into the spiritual lives of these saints by placing special emphasis upon their common experience of dereliction, or the loss of grace. Through this lens one is able to understand the supreme importance that the Lord God places upon the acquisition of humility as the prerequisite to spiritual attainment.


All 3 Lectures

Lecture 1: The Pedagogy of Grace

Lecture 2: You Shall be Holy for I am Holy

Lecture 3: Exile and Dereliction

Father Maximos (Constas)

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