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The Path of Entry to the Philokalia: Selected Readings
as presented by Monk Maximos (Constas)

Many of you have expressed great interest in the Philokalia, but struggle with a method for entering and digesting these great texts.

As you know, the Philokalia is a collection of sacred Orthodox spiritual texts written between the fourth and the fifteenth centuries. The writers of these texts were concerned with inner asceticism, ceaseless prayer, and how one may attain a life of contemplative stillness and union with God.  Although a treasure trove of patristic wisdom, the texts are not organized thematically in a manner that facilitates comprehension for the beginning reader.

To assist those interested in immersing themselves in the Philokalia, Patristic Nectar Publications has created an audio series of nine readings that constitute the traditional path of entry into these texts as presented by Monk Maximos (Constas). When the Philokalia is entered by listening to this selection in the order proposed, the listener is gradually and wisely initiated into the practices of inner attention, spiritual sobriety, and the Prayer of the Heart. Moreover, this selection amply demonstrates the Biblical and Patristic foundations of these practices, as well as their direct connection to the sacramental life of the Church. Because the mind must first be recalled from its many distractions, these works encourage the practitioner to use the breath as a way to lead the mind to the heart, and from there to invoke the name of Jesus Christ. Having understood the basic principles and practices presented in these works, one may afterwards move more freely throughout the other works in the Philokalia. 

Each audio in this series may be purchased individually, or they may be purchased as a set.  When purchased individually, the total cost is $60.  Patristic Nectar is offering the set of all nine audios for $40 – a savings of 33%! 

The set includes:

1. St. Nikephoros the Hesychast, On Watchfulness and the Guarding of the Heart

2. Saints Kallistos and Ignatios, Directions to Hesychasts

3. St. Hesychios, On Watchfulness and Holiness

4. Evagrius, On Prayer

5. A Discourse on Abba Philemon

6. St. Symeon the New Theologian, On Faith

7. St. Symeon the New Theologian, The Three Methods of Prayer

8. St. Gregory Palamas, In Defense of Those who Devoutly Practice a Life of Stillness

9. St. Gregory of Sinai, On the Signs of Grace and Delusion

And also included as an added bonus: Free PDF entitled:

Prologue of the Philokalia (On Noetic Prayer) - A Primer of Mystical Theology by St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite

(Please note:  Monk Maximos also recommends reading: St. Nikodemos of the Holy Mountain, “Guarding the Mind and the Heart,” in id., A Handbook of Spiritual Counsel, trans. P. Chamberas (New York, 1989), 153-172.  This selection is not included in this series or offered by Patristic Nectar Publications.)

To Purchase the entire Path of Entry to the Philokalia series for $40, click "Add to Cart"!

To purchase each audio separately, see here.

The Entire Set: $40.00

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