Byzantine Chant Training (Orthros)
Bishop Basil (Essey)

Byzantine Chant Training for Orthros by Bishop Basil. This audio, virtually twice as long as the Vespers chant training audio, covers most of the standard hymnody of Orthros. 

How this audio came to be…  Many years ago a young man upon being ordained into the Holy Orthodox Priesthood found himself with the tremendous blessing and daunting task of leading the people of God pastorally as well as in the divine services. One of the great early challenges, among many, was learning how to proficiently chant according to the ancient traditions and tones of the Church. It was because of this that Bishop Basil lovingly created these audio recordings and provided this young priest with a model and training sessions of how to properly chant for the Church and Her Services. The following are those same exact audio files - recorded in a bathroom! These have been digitally enhanced and are now offered to you by Patristic Nectar Publications. Our hope is that others who find themselves in a similar circumstance or simply with the desire to learn have available to them an exceptional model and training resource. May these be richly edifying for those who seek to learn how to chant.

Bishop Basil of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America (Antiochian Archdiocese) is one of the premier liturgists in the contemporary Orthodox world. He is a former instructor of Byzantine Chant at St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary where a Chair of Byzantine Liturgical Music was established in his name in 2010. He is also the author of The Liturgikon: The Book of Divine Services for the Priest and Deacon published originally in 1989, now in its 3rd edition, and considered by many to be the premier Ieratikon in the English language. He himself has composed and/or arranged numerous Byzantine music settings in his Contemporary Byzantine Music project.

We provide a note:  The training recordings were made using old technology years ago and recorded informally by Bishop Basil.  Some selections end abruptly, and they are not of the quality one would achieve in a recording studio.  But even so, these endearing efforts to train a young priest are treasures and the young priest's ability to chant and serve his parish over the years is a testimony to their value.

All 26 Tracks: $15.00

Introductory Notes

Track 1: Resurrectional Evlogetaria Tone 5

Track 2: From My Youth Up Antiphon on 4th A

Track 3: Track Prokeimena in all 8 Tones

Track 4: Holy is The Lord Our God

Track 5: 1st Eothinon Gospel

Track 6: 2nd Eothinon Gospel

Track 7: 3rd Eothinon Gospel

Track 8: 4th Eothinon Gospel

Track 9: 5th Eothinon Gospel

Track 10: 6th Eothinon Gospel

Track 11: 7th Eothinon Gospel

Track 12: 8th Eothinon Gospel

Track 13: 9th Eothinon Gospel

Track 14: 10th Eothinon Gospel

Track 15: Troparia after Ps 50 Gen. Lent

Track 16: Notes on the Tones of Exaposteilaria

Track 17: Praises in Tone 1

Track 18: Praises in Tone 2

Track 19: Praises in Tone 3

Track 20: Praises in Tone 4

Track 21: Praises in Tone 5

Track 22: Praises in Tone 6

Track 23: Praises in Tone 7

Track 24: Praises in Tone 8

Track 25: Great Doxology Opening Lines in All 8 tones

Bishop Basil (Essey)

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