St. Hesychios the Priest: On Watchfulness and Holiness
St. Hesychios the Priest

This magnificent treatise has been cherished by readers of the Philokalia for its penetrating insight into the working of the human intellect and heart, and for its strategic guidance toward victory in the unseen warfare with the demons. St. Hesychios is a master of the Jesus Prayer, and guides the ascetic practitioner in the process of quieting the heart. This Holy Father holds up the spider as an example for all Christians as it successfully captures and feeds on its prey by practicing stillness. In the same way the Christian struggling to acquire watchfulness can discern the existence of demonic thoughts, apprehend them, and destroy them and the evil spirits behind them by calling upon the Name of Jesus Christ our God.

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Track 1: Introduction and 1-25

Track 2: Texts 26-50

Track 3: Texts 51-75

Track 4: Texts 76-100

Track 5: Texts 101-125

Track 6: Texts 126-150

Track 7: Texts 151-175

Track 8: Texts 176-203

St. Hesychios the Priest

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