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The Good Husband: Five Lectures on the Christian Ideal
Fr. Josiah

The Christian ideal for husbands is discussed – the husband as leader, domestic pastor, lover, provider, and faithful friend.  This series is helpful for young men and women who are contemplating marriage, the engaged, pastors who need pre-marital counseling material, and husbands and wives who wish to enrich their marriage and establish it as more thoroughly Christian.

All 5 Lectures: $10.00
Lecture 1: The Good Husband as the Leader: $0.00
Lecture 2: The Good Husband as the Domestic Pastor: $3.00
Lecture 3: The Good Husband as the Lover: $3.00
Lecture 4: The Good Husband as the Provider: $3.00
Lecture 5: The Good Husband as the Faithful Friend: $3.00

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