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Healing Our Diseases: The Church as a Spiritual Hospital
Fr. Josiah

Healing Our Diseases: The Church as a Spiritual Hospital" is a ten part lecture series dedicated to a close examination of the therapeutic nature of the Christian faith according to the teachings of the Holy Scriptures and the Church Fathers. This series begins with a lecture entitled Jesus Christ the Healer, and continues with lectures dedicated to "Sin as a Disease," "The Church as a Spiritual Hospital", and "The Spiritual Father as a Physician of the Soul." The last six lectures are dedicated to the diagnosis and recommended treatment plan for six common spiritual pathologies: self-love, anger, gluttony, despondency, avarice, and pride. In this series Holy Orthodoxy is revealed for what it is at its heart: a means for acquiring divine power and grace for the healing of our diseases of soul and body, and not a barren ideology.

All 10 Lectures:  $20.00
Lecture 1- Jesus Christ the Healer:  $0.00
Lecture 2- Sin as a Disease:  $3.00
Lecture 3- The Church as a Spiritual Hospital:  $3.00
Lecture 4- The Spiritual Father as a Physician of the Soul:  $3.00
Lecture 5- Overcoming the Disease of Self Love:  $3.00
Lecture 6- Overcoming the Disease of Anger:  $3.00
Lecture 7- Overcoming the Disease of Despondency:  $3.00
Lecture 8- Overcoming the Disease of Gluttony:  $3.00
Lecture 9- Overcoming the Disease of Avarice:  $3.00
Lecture 10- Overcoming the Disease of Pride:  $3.00

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