Do This and You Shall Live: An Exposition of the Ten Commandments for the 21st Century
Father Josiah Trenham

A review of the Ten Commandments revealing God’s will in every place and time, with special emphasis on the unique challenges faced by those who live in a post-Christian, secularized context.

All 10 Commandments: $15.00
The 1st Commandment: $0.00
The 2nd Commandment: $2.00
The 3rd Commandment: $2.00
The 4th Commandment: $2.00
The 5th Commandment: $2.00
The 6th Commandment: $2.00
The 7th Commandment: $2.00
The 8th Commandment: $2.00
The 9th Commandment: $2.00
The 10th Commandment: $2.00

A review of how the Law of God – The Ten Commandments – directs all people to Christ, manifests His beauty and holiness, and reveals God's will for His people in every place and time.  Twenty fundamental theological principles concerning God's Law are expounded, each of the Ten Commandments is explained in its original meaning and contemporary application, and special emphasis is given to the unique challenges faced by 21st century believers, who dwell in a post-Christian and secularized context.


All 10 Commandments

The 1st Commandment

The 2nd Commandment

The 3rd Commandment

The 4th Commandment

The 5th Commandment

The 6th Commandment

The 7th Commandment

The 8th Commandment

The 9th Commandment

The 10th Commandment

Father Josiah Trenham

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