God's Statesmen: Pious Christian Kings
Father Josiah Trenham

A presentation of the lives of eight saintly Kings of the first Christian millennium.  By the example of these kings Christians are able to gauge what is really valuable in a political leader. Lives of Ss. Constantine the Great, Theodosios I, Justinian the Great, Alfred the Great, Boris of Bulgaria, Vladimir of Kiev, Stephen of Bulgaria, and Edward the Confessor of England are presented. These kings established a model of godly political rule for Christendom, and continue to provide a shining witness of faith in Jesus Christ. In the political realm corruption is so often the norm, but these great kings of the past demonstrate that holiness is possible even in politics. 

All 8 Lectures: $12.00

Lecture 1: Holy Emperor St Constantine the Great

Lecture 2: Holy Emperor St Theodosios I

Lecture 3: Holy Emperor St Justinian the Great

Lecture 4: King St Alfred the Great

Lecture 5: St. Boris of Bulgaria

Lecture 6: St. Vladimir: Grand Prince of Kiev

Lecture 7: St. Stephen, King of Hungary

Lecture 8: St. Edward the Confessor

Father Josiah Trenham

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